Video: Marseille fan throws a charger at Messi

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In addition to the projectiles thrown at Neymar in the corner kicks and the intrusion into the grass of a person, the Marseille fans were recorded during the OM vs. PSG throwing a phone charger at Lionel Messi.

A new item has been added to the long list of things and people that shouldn't have touched the pitch during OM vs. PSG (0-0) last Sunday. In addition to the diverse and varied projectiles that were aimed (especially) at Neymar when the latter was preparing for the corner kicks, Lionel Messi was directly attacked by a cell phone charger during the match. The object did not touch him as it passed him by the side but, to further show his incredible intelligence, the launcher in question was filmed by a person with him to share this 'great moment' with more people.

Marseille have not yet officially reacted to the excesses of their fans, only Dimitri Payet condemned them immediately after the match on the Amazon microphone, but L'Équipe has already announced that these problems could cost a point in the OM qualification. The latter already have a suspended sentence for problems that occurred in Angers recently and another punishment could fall. The LFP will judge all these facts in early November.

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